Monday, June 20, 2016

Pink and White in Positano

The Amalfi Coast is such a dreamlike place to visit, and Positano is the most beautiful spot along the coast. This was our first stop after Rome, and between the view, the beach, the weather, and the people, it was such a lovely few days (although it couldn't top what was to come ;)).

The drive from Sorrento to Positano is an incredible experience. The road is built into the side of the mountain, and is full of narrow twists and turns. While it can be anxiety-inducing, the view more than makes up for the nerves, and the adrenaline rush gets you even more excited to arrive.

Positano is nicknamed "The Vertical City" since all of the houses, shops, and hotels are built into the steep cliff of the mountain. While it does make for a unique and beautiful city, it can be somewhat challenging to get around. We made the mistake of staying in a bed and breakfast that was above the main part of the city, and while the views were incredible, it wasn't as easy to get around as we had hoped. There were 1500 steps getting from our hotel to the city center, so we mostly relied on the local bus to take us to and from Positano. The busses are easy to find, but are small and only run once per hour, so it can be frustrating if you don't make it on a bus, or if you are crammed in with lots of other people. If we go back to Positano again, I would definitely choose to stay in one of the hotels or apartments in the center. There are so many beautiful options!

As soon as we arrived and unpacked, we were determined to find a beach. Our host recommended the Fornillo Beach, which is a 10 minute walk from the main beach in Positano center. We loved the day that we spent here! We rented sunbeds and ordered drinks and read until the sun went down. The other days were spent exploring and eating our way through the city. The Amalfi Coast is famous for lemons, and our favorite treat was the lemon granita, especially at the stands where it was made fresh with bits of the candied rind left in. For just a couple euro, we had this refreshing treat multiple times a day. My next mission is to learn how to make this at home, and this recipe looks like it might do the trick.

Between the bright blue ocean, the many colored homes and the beautiful flowers blooming everywhere, Positano is a color-lover's paradise. I knew I wanted to wear something bright and summer-y to match the scenery. I found these white pants at Zara right before we left, and knew that I would find a million ways to wear them this summer. This Elizabeth & James top, which you may recognize from an older blog post, is still in stock at The Real Real in a small ($45) and a large ($65). You may notice that I had it altered a bit. I found that I wasn't wearing the top very often due to the fly-away back, so I had the back sewn together by my tailor. Now, it's one of my go-to tops, especially on this trip!

Because both of these items are older, I've included links at the bottom of this post to some of my favorite pink tops for summer, and the best white pants, skirts, and shorts to go along with them. There is a wide range of price points and many of them are on sale! I'm sure you will get a lot of use out of them this summer and in summers to come.

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