Monday, June 13, 2016

One Day In Florence

I studied abroad in Florence during college, so when we decided to come to Italy for part of our trip this summer, I immediately started planning a day trip there. After spending 10 days in Rome, Florence felt like a charming small town in comparison. We started the day at the San Lorenzo leather market, followed closely behind by the Santa Maria Novella Profumeria and Farmacia. Santa Maria Novella is in the ancient monastary right next to the train station, and I especially love their melograno bath soap. I picked up a few bars to use during this trip, and I've found them extremely useful to stash in my suitcase so my clothes always smell clean! Both the leather market and the SMN Farmacia are must-stops on any trip to Florence.

One of my best friends helped me pick out this Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress for several events I had over the past couple of months, and it's already become a favorite in my closet. The wrap style dress is a classic for a reason. The v-neck and cinched waist is very feminine, while the sleeves and straight skirt make it appropriate for both work and fun. The washed silk fabric doesn't wrinkle and is breathable, perfect for this warm day in Florence and for the Texas heat I have ahead of me! I love this blue and white print, but I'm already planning to add the solid black version to my wardrobe once business school begins.

Florence is a great stop for shopping, but it's an even better stop for food. After so much walking during the first part of our day, we stopped for a long Italian lunch at La Giostra, where our favorites were the risotto (mine) and the steak Florentine (Jesse's). For dinner, we recreated the first meal we ate together when Jesse came to visit me in Florence during my semester abroad, at the always incredible Gusta Pizza. After having pizza in every stop on our trip (Rome and Naples included), we wholeheartedly agree that the pizza at Gusta Pizza is the best in Italy.

(Note: if you love pesto like I do, you can ask for it on your pizza, even though it isn't on the menu.)

One of my favorite things to do in any new place is to climb up to the top of a tower or walk to a vantage point in order to see an aerial view of the whole city. It's great to do at the beginning of a trip to get an idea of how the city is laid out and the overall scale, or at the end of a trip to appreciate everything you've seen in one place. There are several great spots to do this in Florence, but I love the Piazzale Michelangelo the best. It's a lovely place to take a picnic or a bottle of wine and hang out with friends, and it's also where all of the perfect postcard pictures of Florence are from. The only downside to getting an aerial view is that it usually requires a LOT of steps or a strenuous uphill climb. The Piazzale Michelangelo is on the edge of the city, and does take some motivation to get to the top, but it's so worth it once you do!

Speaking of strenuous walking, let's talk shoes. The shoes I pick time and time again for walking and traveling are from Børn, and I brought two pair with me on this trip: these sandals and an older pair of leather loafers. Although I only packed flats for this trip, I also have this pair of wedges that I wear all of the time at home. I love the look of more stylish sandals, but the Børn sandals I'm wearing here are super comfortable and great for walking around in all day. We took over 22,000 steps on this day alone, and I never had issues with blisters or pain. I'm very impressed by the chic Italian women who walk around on the ancient cobblestones in high heels! That may be the most impressive thing I've seen on this trip so far.

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  1. You look great on that dress, Hannah.

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