Monday, March 7, 2016

Black & Gold

A black cardigan is my go-to. It's classic, and feminine, and seems to tie any outfit together. I wear it over a dress, with jeans, buttoned and tucked into a skirt, or here with a top and leather leggings. Plus, it’s the perfect thing to stash in your purse for when you get chilly in a restaurant or movie theatre.

I would argue that a black cardigan is not something that you need to "splurge" on, even though you might wear it all of the time. Black tends to make non-luxury materials look luxurious (not always true with white or bright colors), so as long as you like the shape and it isn't uncomfortable, go for it. You should follow the washing & care instructions though, because it will show it's wear as soon as the black color starts to fade.

A black cardigan is considered a wardrobe staple, so it's easy to find in all shapes, sizes, and price points, so keep looking until you find your soulmate. My first black cardigan I found on sale at J.Crew for $20, and once I wore it to pieces, I replaced it with a similar version a few years ago. This fall, I found the heavier sweater that I'm wearing here, which is almost like a sweater coat rather than a cardigan. I've been wearing it nonstop, but sadly it's not available anymore. Now that we are heading into spring, I suggest you grab the Ryder cardigan from Madewell instead. It's the exact same silhouette, but lighter and way softer. I like it better than this one!

My favorite color to pair with black is always gold, which is one of the reasons I love this Chanel Boy bag so much (last seen here, herehere, and here). I found these drop earrings at an awesome jewelry store in Amsterdam last year, called the BonBon boutique. I also bought a double stack ring there, but I've lost it somewhere since then. Isn't losing something the worst feeling in the world? I'm still hoping that it will turn up!

One of my favorite places to find designer deals is a store called UAL in Nashville. It's an apparel liquidator, so they get great pieces from department stores and designers at the end of a season, and sell them for a fraction of the original price. When I left Nashville and moved to Baltimore, I was so bummed to leave my favorite shopping spot behind. Lucky for me, they've opened several other boutiques around the US, one of which is in Austin, TX. 

After I wore the grey suede booties (seen here) so much, I had planned to order the same pair in black. While I was in Austin in December, I was walking on South Congress - drinking the best milkshake ever from Hop'doddy - when I spotted a UAL store! My excitement was rewarded when I found these Gianvitto Rossi suede booties in my size, for such a steal, and LESS than the price of the J.Crew ones! It was too good not to pass up (even though you know my opinion on super expensive designer shoes). Sometimes I think that everything I own has a story behind it, but it's because I'm obsessed with tracking down the PERFECT pieces. Other times, it's just plain luck!

I hope 2016 will continue to be a lucky year for all of us! xoxo

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