Thursday, October 29, 2015

Striped Sweater Dress

I'm always on the lookout for stylish dresses that are appropriate for work. This merino wool sweater dress from J.Crew fits that bill perfectly. The stripes are classic and pair easily with other patterns like leopard, plaid or polka dots, and the length is perfectly appropriate. I added an equally classic pair of navy pumps and a swipe of pink lipstick, and felt pretty great about the whole thing. The best part? This dress was a sale find, and is still online (with an extra 40% off) at for a grand total of $42! If stripes are your thing, I also picked up this breton striped-tee and it's the best version (material & fit) I have tried. Two great pieces for Fall.

What are y'all up to for Halloween this weekend? I'm looking forward to spending some time in this beautiful fall weather, and working on more blog posts! See you next week.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

51 things in 501 Days, update #3

I thought I would put an end to my blog hiatus with a look at the 51 goals I set at the beginning of this year. This time last year, I had just decided to take the plunge and announce that I had started this blog, and it's been such an incredible year since then. I feel more connected with my friends and family, I've grown increasingly confident in my love for fashion & style, and I am so encouraged by every comment and message that gets sent my way. Thank you thank you for all of the support over the past year. It's wonderful to have an outlet outside of work, especially because this has been such a challenging year (in a good way!) work wise. I am my happiest when I'm pushing "publish" on a new post, so I can't wait to do more of that over the next few months. But here's a little peek of what I've been up to, if you'd like to see...

6.    Post updates on the blog as I cross things off this list (update here & here)

I'm so excited to be back! I have a few things in the works that I can't wait to share.

7.    Take a GMAT Study Class
8.    Take the GMAT

Wow y'all - I took the GMAT exam not once, not twice, but three times. Standardized tests have usually come easy to me, so this experience showed me how to will myself to keep pushing, even when I wanted to give up. I am beyond happy that this is done. Plus a big shoutout to my great friend, Alisha, for sending me so much encouragement along the way.

9.    Apply to Business School

I completely underestimated the time and effort it would take to do well on the GMAT and put my best foot forward for business school applications. Between work & these goals, I had to make some tough decisions about other priorities, but fingers crossed that I will hear some great news soon! 

11.  Re-read all of the Harry Potter books

This was my favorite goal to cross off so far. Re-reading a book or set of books that you loved from your younger years is really fun! I highly recommend it.

15.  Change my hair in a major way

New Year, New Hair - This is one of my most popular posts, and after 10 months of wearing extensions, I am still SUCH a fan. I just picked up another (longer!) set this past weekend, so I'll be posting even more details in the coming weeks. Please comment below or send me a note at if you have any specific questions you'd like me to cover off on.

16.  Master the art of beautiful waves (just like my BFF Britta) 

See herehere, and here for proof. I'm not sure that I've quite "mastered" the look, but I'm lightyears ahead of where I started.

17.  Incorporate braids in my hair rotation (loooove this and this

More to come on this one, but see here for a start.

22.  Take another set of ski lessons

I posted a fun hyperlapse during a day of ski lessons in February. I'm definitely getting better, but I've now had two knee injuries skiing. Any tips on how to avoid this?

26.  Eat more chocolate.

I have chocolate with me at all times, so if you are ever in need of a fix.. come find me.

33.  Go to 3+ estate sales

Our gallery wall is still in progress, and estate sales are some of the best places for finding interesting & unique frames. We still have more to do with filling those frames with art, but luckily there are some great sources for original art and prints. 

41.  Finally watch The Godfather series

Done! I have a long list of classic movies that I still need to watch, but I really enjoyed these movies. Any other recommendations?

49.  Go on a trip with my girlfriends

Nashville with some of my best babes this summer. See more on my Instagram here.

13 goals are complete, which means I'm about 25% of the way through! I'm going to have to pick up my pace to get the rest of them done in time, but I do love a good challenge! Have you crossed any goals off of your list so far this year? If yes, I'd love to know. Sharing your goals makes it easier to stay accountable, so I'm happy to help. Thanks for helping me stay accountable, too! xx