Monday, June 15, 2015

Florida Orange

Hello! How are you? I just got back from a week in Florida, where my brother got married to his long-term girlfriend. It was a beautiful wedding, and I'm so happy for the two of them! I also can't wait to share more pictures from the trip over the next week or so. My mom and I had a lot of fun taking pictures for the blog (Thanks, Mom!!). I'm still getting used to taking so many pictures in public - it makes me verrry self-conscious whenever anyone walks by or stops to stare - but it's fun to have things to post, so I need to get over it!

It feels great to be back in summer clothes! Life is much easier when you can just throw on a dress and walk out the door. Not to mention packing: bikinis & sun dresses take up significantly less room in a suitcase than sweaters and coats. Our air conditioner is currently out of commission at our house, so I'm really trying to think about all of the great things about summer in order to forget about how blazing HOT I am right now. Ah!! It's almost working.

Gap White Denim Jacket (very old, similar options here) | Ella Moss Dress (last season) | Clare Vivier Leopard Clutch | Prada Sunglasses | Michael Kors Watch | Jack Rogers Sandals (not pictured)

You may have already noticed from Instagram, but I got a little trim to my hair extensions so I could start wearing them straight. Hallelujah. Curling them was just taking up way too much time, and my natural hair has grown out significantly since I first started wearing extensions in January. Now that there isn't such a dramatic difference between my hair and the extensions, I can officially wear them straight without it looking obvious that this isn't my natural hair. I've already started writing some new posts about living with hair extensions (spoiler alert: I love them!), so watch out for those if you are interested.

I hope your week is off to a great start. I'll be back on Wednesday if I don't melt between now and then ;)!

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