Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Musings

I felt a bit crazy for impulsively going to LA for the Create + Cultivate conference with only a couple of weeks notice, but it ended up being a great event. Making new friends and talking to some of my favorite bloggers in real life were true highlights. Plus it’s never a bad idea to fly across the country when you get to see your best friend.

Meeting like-minded women was what I was most looking forward to, and it really was the best part. First thing in line at registration, I ran into Amy who went to college with me! She is a really talented singer/songwriter in Nashville who is also starting a blog soon – I can’t wait. Vanessa from Of Beauty & Grace has the most beautiful pictures and an even more beautiful personality. I also sat with Lauren, Payton, and Jennifer at lunch, who were all so lovely. Lauren is super smart – she is launching a site this spring called Bond Twenty, so I’ll let you know when she goes live. Payton from Hustle and Halcyon is as cool as you’d expect her to be from her blog, and Jen from Modern Ensemble was so positive and fun. I also met Stephanie from Styled by Noir toward the end of the day, and she is as stylish & sweet as can be. Between the panelists and all of the great conversations between the group above, it was such a full and fun day.

The reason that I took the plunge to attend C+C this weekend was the awesome line-up of speakers. I’ve followed many of these bloggers for years, and I was eager to meet them in person. It’s easy to feel like bloggers are mini-celebs, but the girls that I talked to were all just human and extremely authentic and kind. Julia, Devon, Aimee – they started blogging in an environment that was friendly and supportive – and even though the blogosphere has become more saturated and competitive, they are still committed to giving back to the community, and sharing a message of kindness. All three of them made a big effort to answer questions and share their experience, which was really refreshing. One of my favorite things that Julia said was that “there is a no need for competition with blogging. If you have a great blog, I’m happy for you! If someone is reading your blog, that doesn’t mean they can’t also read my blog. Why is there a need to be competitive?”

I didn’t get a good shot of what I wore, but I was so inspired by all of the great looks from the weekend! My wish list is full of new things that I’m dying to have for Spring (including this & this). I’m on my way back to Baltimore now, and thankfully I don’t have any travel plans until the end of next month. I’m so looking forward to unpacking, doing laundry, and trying to keep my room clean for longer than a few days - super glam, right? ;) I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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