Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cobalt Blue

I love LA. I love the beautiful weather and the people that I meet and the fact that I can spend time with my favorite person while I’m there and that there are blog events and new friends and amazing restaurants and farmers markets, etc. etc. While I’m always happy to head back home after a trip, I’m always extra sad to leave California.

Speaking of being sad to leave California, Hilly makes this blogging thing so easy! I wore this to a delicious brunch with her on Sunday morning, so we snapped a few pictures by all the blooms. Thanks, girlfriend.

Now on to the outfit details: I’ve had this cardigan forever, but only recently thought about wearing it as a top. Now I can’t wait to do the same with all my other cardis. The Zimmermann skirt was a steal from The Real Real, per usual, and I’ve been wearing these Schutz heels quite a bit over the last couple of weeks. The heel is high, but I wore them for 12 hours straight on Saturday, and didn’t have any issues. Although I was sooo happy to take them off at the end of the day J

So thanks to my new BFF, Tan Towel, my legs are not blindingly white in these photos (or maybe they still are? Don’t answer that). Have you ever tried them? I’m a huge fan. I don’t mind having pale skin, but sometimes your legs just need a little color. I used to buy them from Sephora, but Amazon has a much better price. Do you do anything to fake tan?


  1. I'd still so in love with those shoes!

    I've used Tan Towels before, so I'm such a lazy bum. So I stopped.

    Instead, I'll go get a little spray when I'm out about once a week! Is it strange that those spray tans you get in a booth are the ones that work the best on my skin?? When someone actually sprays me, it gets all messed up. Weirdness.


    1. Thanks, Payton!

      I'm lazy about Tan Towels too. Everytime I use them, I think "I should do this more often!" but I still only use them every once in awhile.

      I've never tried a spray tan, but I'm tempted. You are the cutest xx

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