Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Musings: 51 in 501 Update

Now that the third month of 2015 is drawing to a close, and 81 days have passed since I started this challenge, I thought it would be fun to check in on these goals of mine. If you are new to the blog, feel free to check out the original post here.

So in terms of the blog, it’s definitely been harder than I thought to post regularly, but I haven’t given up yet. Three times per week (#1) is always my goal (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), but two is more likely, especially while juggling work & studying for the GMAT. I would so much rather be blogging, though :) In terms of a new series (#4), I did just start the “Monday Musings”, which I love because it incentivizes me to write something every Sunday night. I hope you are liking it too! Even though the more specific blog goals haven’t been crossed off yet, I've accomplished other things for the blog, like attending the Create+Cultivate conference, designing business cards, and brainstorming ways to make this space better and better all the time.

In the brains department, I’m a little over halfway through with my GMAT class (#7), and studying is taking up a ton of my time! Hopefully it will all pay off in the next couple of months. I’ve had a lot of plane time in the past 6 weeks, so I did manage to re-read all of the Harry Potter books (#11)… call me a nerd if you want (#ravenclaw) but I love love love HP. Have you read them?!

With beauty, you all know that I changed my hair at the beginning of this year (#15), and I’m still loving the extensions (read more about them here). I’ve been thinking about getting them trimmed a bit so I can start wearing them straight, but I’m definitely attached to the length already. I don’t see these going away anytime soon!

The fitness goals are definitely on their way, but I’m not quite at an 8-minute mile (#20) or ready for a triathlon (#21). I am trying to work out 2-3 times per week, and have really seen a difference with maintaining a consistent routine. I did end up taking another set of ski lessons while I was in Vail last month (#22), although I have a lot of issues with my knees while I ski. I’m hoping that I can keep improving without any more injuries. And obvi, #26 has been the best goal to cross off this list, as I am recently obsessed with the Snacking Chocolate from BarkThins. Have you tried it? The Dark Chocolate + Almond and the Dark Chocolate + Pretzel are my favorites, and I'm definitely going to try the Mint Chocolate next. Yum!

Everything related to home decor has taken a back seat over the past few months, mostly because I haven’t been able to devote any time or money toward it quite yet – everything has been going to travel, savings, and my GMAT class. We are renewing our lease for at least another year, so hopefully I'll be able to get moving on this again soon!

My tactic of getting the more boring things off of this list first is going well – I can’t wait to officially complete #7-9, so I can keep grinding on the fun goals. Hopefully I’ll be able to cross off another handful by the time this summer rolls around... like a fun trip to Nashville with my high school besties (#49) and a trip to Newport (#48) for my 25th birthday this summer. I can't wait!

How is the start of 2015 going for you? Do we have any goals in common? I'd love to know what you are up to! xx

Friday, March 27, 2015

Furry Layers

Today's outfit is almost an exact opposite of Wednesday's! Lots of snow and layers on layers. I think both settings are beautiful - I love the snow and crisp, cool air, almost as much as mild temperatures and blooming flowers - but I'm really looking forward to packing away my winter coats very soon.

This vest is my favorite find this winter, and I'm excited about wearing it into spring as well. While I've been wearing it layered over a coat for extra warmth, it's easy to wear with a t-shirt and jeans in lieu of a coat (as seen here), and it'll be a perfect addition to dresses and skirts over the next month or so.

Anya Hindmarch Fur Vest (via The Real Real) | Zara Coat (old) | Rag & Bone Denim in "Buxton" | Vince Booties | Chanel Boy Bag | Topshop Earrings (old) | Essie Nail Polish in Big Spender | NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Never Say Never

Totally off topic, but have y'all caught up on House of Cards yet? I have one more episode left in this season - I had to drag myself away to write this post - but I'm definitely going to finish it before I go to sleep tonight. Eeek! By the way, I'd love it if you'd come back on Monday for another new post. Since this year is already almost a quarter of the way over (whaaaat?!!), I think it's time for a 51 in 501 check-in. See the original post here! Did you make a list of your own? Let me know and I'll link to you.

Have a great weekend! xx

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cobalt Blue

I love LA. I love the beautiful weather and the people that I meet and the fact that I can spend time with my favorite person while I’m there and that there are blog events and new friends and amazing restaurants and farmers markets, etc. etc. While I’m always happy to head back home after a trip, I’m always extra sad to leave California.

Speaking of being sad to leave California, Hilly makes this blogging thing so easy! I wore this to a delicious brunch with her on Sunday morning, so we snapped a few pictures by all the blooms. Thanks, girlfriend.

Now on to the outfit details: I’ve had this cardigan forever, but only recently thought about wearing it as a top. Now I can’t wait to do the same with all my other cardis. The Zimmermann skirt was a steal from The Real Real, per usual, and I’ve been wearing these Schutz heels quite a bit over the last couple of weeks. The heel is high, but I wore them for 12 hours straight on Saturday, and didn’t have any issues. Although I was sooo happy to take them off at the end of the day J

So thanks to my new BFF, Tan Towel, my legs are not blindingly white in these photos (or maybe they still are? Don’t answer that). Have you ever tried them? I’m a huge fan. I don’t mind having pale skin, but sometimes your legs just need a little color. I used to buy them from Sephora, but Amazon has a much better price. Do you do anything to fake tan?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Musings

I felt a bit crazy for impulsively going to LA for the Create + Cultivate conference with only a couple of weeks notice, but it ended up being a great event. Making new friends and talking to some of my favorite bloggers in real life were true highlights. Plus it’s never a bad idea to fly across the country when you get to see your best friend.

Meeting like-minded women was what I was most looking forward to, and it really was the best part. First thing in line at registration, I ran into Amy who went to college with me! She is a really talented singer/songwriter in Nashville who is also starting a blog soon – I can’t wait. Vanessa from Of Beauty & Grace has the most beautiful pictures and an even more beautiful personality. I also sat with Lauren, Payton, and Jennifer at lunch, who were all so lovely. Lauren is super smart – she is launching a site this spring called Bond Twenty, so I’ll let you know when she goes live. Payton from Hustle and Halcyon is as cool as you’d expect her to be from her blog, and Jen from Modern Ensemble was so positive and fun. I also met Stephanie from Styled by Noir toward the end of the day, and she is as stylish & sweet as can be. Between the panelists and all of the great conversations between the group above, it was such a full and fun day.

The reason that I took the plunge to attend C+C this weekend was the awesome line-up of speakers. I’ve followed many of these bloggers for years, and I was eager to meet them in person. It’s easy to feel like bloggers are mini-celebs, but the girls that I talked to were all just human and extremely authentic and kind. Julia, Devon, Aimee – they started blogging in an environment that was friendly and supportive – and even though the blogosphere has become more saturated and competitive, they are still committed to giving back to the community, and sharing a message of kindness. All three of them made a big effort to answer questions and share their experience, which was really refreshing. One of my favorite things that Julia said was that “there is a no need for competition with blogging. If you have a great blog, I’m happy for you! If someone is reading your blog, that doesn’t mean they can’t also read my blog. Why is there a need to be competitive?”

I didn’t get a good shot of what I wore, but I was so inspired by all of the great looks from the weekend! My wish list is full of new things that I’m dying to have for Spring (including this & this). I’m on my way back to Baltimore now, and thankfully I don’t have any travel plans until the end of next month. I’m so looking forward to unpacking, doing laundry, and trying to keep my room clean for longer than a few days - super glam, right? ;) I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Belted Fur Vest

It's already March, but taking pictures this weekend made me feel like the holidays were still right around the corner! Maybe it's all of the snow, or the mix of red and green, but that feeling solidified that I'm more than ready for the weather to start warming up. The silver lining is that I don't have to make up excuses to wear this fur vest all over the place. It's another great find from The Real Real, and just like my favorite coat with the fur trim, this vest seems to spice up any outfit. I've been wearing it open, but since every outfit [in my opinion] looks better with a waist belt, I couldn't resist adding this vintage leather belt before we started snapping pictures.

I told you here that my new leopard clutch and sunglasses would be getting a lot of face time on the blog, but I'm also very excited to share these pumps from Schutz. They are currently on sale for 50% off and are less than $100, so if you are in the market for some classic black pumps with a twist, these are the ones for you. They look equally great with dresses, skirts, or skinny jeans, and the tall heel is a bit more fancy than my well-loved boots. I highly recommend them!

I'm still currently in Salt Lake City attending the Adobe Marketing Summit, so I'm writing this after a very long day of meetings. My favorite speakers so far have been the philanthropist Lauren Bush Lauren discussing her journey with The FEED Project, and the author Michael Lewis sharing some hilarious stories about his writing process. I've been tweeting some quotes from the sessions, so feel free to follow me there if you are interested in this sort of thing. I hope you are having a wonderful week so far! xx

Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Musings

Hi, friends! Happy Monday. I've been musing over starting a series that is open-ended and can just include chatting with you about whatever is on my mind at the moment, so this is the first...

Today (Sunday) was the first day in three weeks that I had time to work on the blog - take pictures, write posts, etc. That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about it all of the time, but I still don't have the hang of keeping it going while I'm on the road. A ski trip last weekend turned into a week-long vacation after I got stuck in Colorado for three extra days due to the bad weather.. whoops! It's not a bad place to be stuck, but since I didn't have my luggage, it wasn't very productive. It was lovely to finally be back in Baltimore for enough time to do laundry and get back into my schedule, but now I'm headed to a conference in Salt Lake City for the week. Don't worry though - I finally have a good group of posts lined up for this week, so crossing my fingers that you won't see a long absence from me in awhile. Nothing makes me happier then having new content to roll out!

Karen Walker Harvest Sunnies (sold out, more here) | Clare V. Leopard Clutch (similar here)

Work has been insanely stressful over the last couple of weeks, so I've been doing too much online shopping to make myself feel better. Do you do this too? It's not something I recommend, and I usually end up returning about 90% of my orders, but it's still a little too dangerous. I've been waiting months for Shopbop to have their tiered sale, and of course it happened last week while I was trying not to shop. You can see above that I was unable to resist. The Shopbop sale is a great time to order things that you have been eyeing for awhile, because most of their stock does not go on sale anywhere else - Stuart Weitzman shoes, Karen Walker Sunglasses, Clare Vivier bags, Rag & Bone Denim, and much more. I've been wanting a pair of black sunglasses and this leopard clutch for nearly 8 months, so you'll be seeing both of these in quite a few outfit posts coming up!

Last, but not least, I'm verrrry excited to be attending the Create+Cultivate Conference in LA in two weeks!! One of my favorite bloggers, Julia, posted on her Instagram last weekend that she was speaking at the conference, and when I saw the line-up, I couldn't stop thinking about it, talking about it, and generally obsessing about it for three whole days (while I was stuck in Colorado). So! The flight is booked and I'm heading back to LA for a quick trip to attend the conference. Hopefully I'll be coming back with new friends, and some inspiration for this little blog of mine. And obvi I can't wait to see my BFF again so soon!

I'm off to finish packing for SLC, but I'll be back again on Wednesday. xoxoxo