Friday, January 2, 2015

Postcards from Bolivia

This past August, I traveled to South America for the first time on a trip with my boyfriend's family. We met his sister in La Paz, Bolivia, and spent a week traveling through the eastern part of the country. Although it can be a difficult place for traveling, the beauty and connection to nature was something that I feel lucky to have experienced.

Some highlights of the trip include witnessing a parade in La Paz, shopping in the markets in each city, spending a few days on Sun Island & Copacabana, going on long hikes and boat rides, eating lots and lots of quinoa, visiting the incredible salt flats, and staying in a hotel that was made entirely of salt! If you think I didn't try and eat the walls in our hotel room, you are wrong.

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I really fell in love with all of the bright colors and textiles in Bolivia. I only brought a carry on for the trip since we were moving around often, but I made room to take home a beautiful piece of fabric, pouches for myself and friends (one seen here), and lots and lots of chocolate.

Overall, I was most impressed by the women that we met there. They are expected to do so much: cook, clean, rear children, carry heavy loads (as heavy as the donkey walking alongside them), tend to the animals, take care of their husbands, and help farm the land. Most of them also make and sell items to tourists in the markets, and each one was more kind and gracious than the last. It helped me appreciate the opportunities that I have as a woman in America, even though we are still working toward complete equality.

I am very much looking forward to returning to South America. Where are you most eager to go?

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