Thursday, January 8, 2015

51 things in 501 days

(all photos by me except for this one & this one)

Mackenzie Horan (over at Design Darling) created an awesome template for setting 101 goals in 1001 days (roughly 2.75 years) that I've been admiring for several years now. When I started my New Year's resolutions this year, it was with 101 goals in mind. However, I narrowed my version down a bit, after I realized I wasn't ready to start planning out farther than a year and a half. Below you will find 51 goals that I want to accomplish in the next 501 days.. January 8, 2015 – May 23, 2016 to be exact.

Some of these are already in progress, and others will take the whole 501 days (hello, #21), but I’m really excited to share these with you and keep you updated on the progress. I hope this inspires you to write your own list, because 2015 is YOUR YEAR to make your dreams come true.

I’ll be back tomorrow with an outfit post (to keep going strong on #1!), so be sure to check back if this isn't your thing. Thanks for continuing to follow along! xx

BLOG (0/6)
1.    Post THREE times per week in 2015
2.    Design two additional pages on
3.    Share a "How-To" post once a month
4.    Start a new blog series (that lasts for six+ weeks)
5.    Celebrate my blog’s first anniversary
6.    Post updates as I cross things off this list

BRAINS (0/8)
7.    Take a GMAT Study Class
8.    Take the GMAT
9.    Apply to Business School
10.  Master a foreign language (Spanish or Italian)
11.  Re-read all of the Harry Potter books (maybe in the language from #10?)
12.  Organize my personal email
13.  Try out for Jeopardy!
14.  Work on three tactics to battle procrastination

BEAUTY (1/5)
15.  Change my hair in a major way (can’t wait to share this with you!) UPDATE: New Year, New Hair
16.  Master the art of beautiful waves (just like my BFF Britta)
17.  Incorporate braids in my hair rotation (loooove this and this)
18.  Wear more lipstick!
19.  Start wearing jewelry (especially rings & earrings)

BRAWN (0/7)
20.  Run an 8-minute mile
21.  Train for and complete a sprint triathlon
22.  Take another set of ski lessons
23.  Stretch every day!
24.  Wake up at 6AM every morning for two weeks
25.  Finally compile all of my favorite recipes
26.  Eat more chocolate.

27.  Paint 2 large scale pieces of art
28.  Source photos/art & frames for a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall
29.  DIYs: Headboard, Roman Shade, Coffee Table
30.  Find the perfect pair of nightstands
31.  Figure out a solution for bedroom area rug
32.  Source art for bathroom
33.  Go to 3+ estate sales
34.  Finally finish hemming my 10’ drapery panels
35.  Have the entire space professionally photographed (for #36)
36.  See my apartment published on a major blog or online magazine

BONUS (0/8)
37.  Keep a list of good memories from 2015, to be read at the beginning of 2016
38.  Volunteer 100 hours
39.  Design & send holiday cards (I’m thinking Valentine’s Day!)
40.  Write & mail one letter a month
41.  Finally watch The Godfather series
42.  Join a club. 
43.  BE ON TIME everywhere for one month straight (hopefully #14 will help)
44.  Start collecting something other than nail polish ;)

45.  Plan a big trip for Summer 2016
46.  Travel outside of my city (by plane, train, or automobile) once a month
47.  Invest in a piece of grown up luggage
48.  Go to Newport, Rhode Island
49.  Go on a trip with my girlfriends (Summer 2015!)
50.  Plan a trip with my mom and sister
51.  Put $20 into Travel Savings for every goal accomplished