Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Black Shirt Dress

Wearing hats has become the best thing for me lately. My boyfriend jokes that I look like Indiana Jones everytime I wear it, and it does slightly resemble the one that Pharrell adores, but I really like the look. What do you think of the trend?

This one is foldable, which is perfect for stuffing into a handbag, and also waterproof, which makes rainy days way easier to deal with, especially paired with a trench coat. I also have fine hair that drives me nuts! So it's wonderful to throw on a hat on those mornings that I don't feel like washing it and blowing it out.

This silk shirt dress from Vince has quickly become my new favorite dress. I went shopping with my boyfriend's mom and sister a couple of weekends ago in Austin, and picked it up at the Neiman Marcus designer sale. I just saw that it's still on sale at Neiman's and at Barney's, in case you like it too!

I haven't had a chance to take any new outfit pictures until this past weekend, but that hasn't stopped me from wearing it nonstop. In fact, I wore this whole outfit to work yesterday (minus the hat, plus this coat), and to our team's holiday party that afternoon. I also highly recommend it if you are looking for a killer dress to wear to an interview. Vince makes so many pieces that are a great mix of chic, professional, and fashion forward - just like you!

Vince Shirt Dress (also on sale here) | Felt Hat (similar here) | Spanx Tights (on sale!) | Vince Booties from The Real Real | Vintage Bracelet | Chanel Boy Bag | NARS Lipstick in Mayflower | Essie Nail Polish in Penny Talk (last mentioned here)

I'm heading to my hometown for the rest of the week starting tomorrow, and I'm hoping to get some quality blog time in between the delicious food and board games. Wishing you the happiest holiday season, and safe travels over the next few days. xx


  1. mind if I ask what size you took in the dress? I think we would be around the same size (with the same name!)

    1. Hi! I'm sorry that I missed this earlier. I am wearing a size two in this dress. There are two slits on either side, so it's still a bit roomy, even though it's a two. I hope that helps!! Also, love your name :) xx