Monday, November 10, 2014

Black & Leopard

Last fall, I started a new job. While I still used this hot pink Longchamp bag regularly, I really needed a work bag that didn't scream "I just graduated from college!". After intensive searching, I found a black Michael Kors Gia bag on major sale online. A classic black tote bag was exactly what I was looking for, and with gold details and embossed side pockets, I fell for the Gia hard. Unfortunately, I had just drained my handbag savings on a Proenza Schouler bag (from this post), and this one was over my budget. I obsessively checked on it for a week or so, until eventually someone else purchased it, and I was forced to move on.

Flash forward to the holidays. My boyfriend, Jesse, and I agreed to limit Christmas gifts to stockings only, since we had just exchanged gifts during Hanukkah with his family, plus I was still catching up on all of my expenses from moving. Before I keep going, you should understand that Jesse and I are seriously competitive with each other. Historically, he is much better at gift-giving than I am (maybe because he is a better listener?), so I was determined to outdo him for Christmas. I spent months finding the best possible stocking stuffers for Jesse: tracking down his favorite snacks while I was still living in Nashville, ordering a Kickstarter project that I heard him talking about with his friends, and generally paying very close to attention to any comment that began with "I wish I had..." or "It would be great to have another...".

When Christmas finally rolled around, I gave Jesse a stocking full of thoughtful gifts and fun surprises. Jesse gave me a lovely stocking full of new nail polish colors, and pounds of chocolate. Perfect for me, definitely, but I felt like I had finally edged him on the thoughtfulness factor. Victory!!!

Zara Coat | Citizens of Humanity Denim | Vince Camuto Leopard Booties (similar here) | Michael Kors Collection Gia Bag (love this one too!) | Prada Sunglasses (in black here)

Like a true brat, I spent the next hour or two gloating over my amazing gift-giving abilities (are you cringing? I'm the worst). THEN, right when we were turning out the lights, Jesse asked me to hand him a bottle of water from the other side of the bed. Can you guess what was actually on the other side of the bed? Just guess. It was THE BAG!! From months ago! Jesse bought it, stashed it at work, and surprised me with it for Christmas. What a darling.

It was a wonderful surprise, and even a year later, I still use the bag nearly everyday. Whether I'm working, shopping, or traveling, it holds everything I need, and the leather is extremely durable. If you are looking for a work bag or an everyday bag, I highly recommend adding a black leather tote to your collection. I do still love that pink Longchamp, but I feel more grown up every time I wear this one.

Here's to hoping I'll finally beat Jesse this year. xx

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  1. Nice outfit!