Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pink Scarf & Teal PS1

While I don't have a problem investing in beautiful, well-made items that will stand the test of time, I always prefer to buy something for a great deal. Everything I'm wearing in this post represents that philosophy.

After lusting after leather leggings on all of my favorite bloggers last fall and winter, I put them on the top of my "want" list this season. The high price tag was something I couldn't swallow, but after trying on a few pair of the much less expensive, "leather-like" options, I knew I wouldn't be satisfied until I had the real thing. Luckily, I spotted this J Brand pair on my #1 favorite place to shop: TheRealReal. TRR is a designer consignment shop where I have found so many great pieces, often in pristine condition with the tags still on! You can't beat it.

This teal PS1 was another TheRealReal find. While it was more of an investment than anything else I'm wearing, I saved up for what I considered a "major" handbag for years before making this purchase. To me, it feels like the perfect bag for a girl in her twenties: the color is bright, the leather is relaxed, and the whole bag feels luxurious. Plus, the lack of designer logos gives the bag a subtlety that makes me feel like I belong to a secret society of fashion gals and blog lovers.

While a $15 scarf is just the right price for something that may only be in style for a season or two, I plan on wearing the leather leggings & PS1 until I physically can't any longer. Mixing closet building blocks with less expensive accessories (and a manicure!) is my favorite way to get dressed in the morning.

James Perse Top | J.Crew Scarf | J Brand Leather Leggings via TheRealReal | J.Crew Sandals | Proenza Schouler PS1 (really love the orchid color) | Michael Kors Watch | Essie Sand Tropez Nail Polish

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