Friday, October 31, 2014

Mini Dress & Boots

This whole blogging thing is equal parts amazing and terrifying. 

The outtakes from this post show me turning bright red when my roommate & her boyfriend drove by and spotted us taking pictures. While I was embarrassed - I'd been found out! - it meant that I finally had to tell someone besides my mom & sister that I've been working on this. I've since told a few more people, and everyone has been great.. very positive and encouraging. Thank you!

My days of wearing dresses without tights are numbered now that it's almost November (!!!) but this is easily one of my favorite looks. I really really really love a mini-dress, and as someone who is hot-natured, fall is such a fun time to wear one with boots. This Vince pair (found through The Real Real), are my favorite shoes at the moment. I've only managed to wear them to work a few times, but they are getting more comfortable each time I wear them. I'd love a pair with a shorter heel for the rest of the season (like these).

No tag on the dress, found in a boutique in Norman, Oklahoma | Vince Boots via The Real Real | J.Crew Bag (old, major upgrade here) | Essie She's Pampered Nail Polish

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  1. You're hot-natured? I'm cold-natured! Are you sure we're related? ;) haha

    This is so good!!