Monday, June 29, 2015


This is my go-to outfit combo in the summer: breezy mini-skirt, cropped top, & comfy sandals. I wore the same combo here (minus the hat), and I've worn it countless times off the blog. I found this Zimmermann skirt on The Real Real for less than $40 this winter, and I wish I had this style in every color for the summer. I didn't take a single pair of heels with me to Florida, so I wore this with sandals and my favorite hat for the daytime, but you could just as easily add some heels for a date night or a night out with your girlfriends.

I've always been a huge fan of pink - my childhood bedroom is the same color as this top - and I love that it looks great paired with other saturated colors: emerald green, cobalt blue, even ruby red (as shown by SJP and Emma Stone), in addition to the neutrals: black, gray, white, or navy.

These kinds of tops with the thin material and backless cut make it tricky to find something suitable to wear underneath. I usually wear something like this from Nordstrom, but that version isn't my favorite in terms of comfort, and it's impossible to wear all day in the summer. You can usually get away with it for a night inside the A/C, or for a short amount of time in the heat, but I'm still looking for alternatives. Do you have anything you'd recommend?

Elizabeth & James Top & Zimmermann Skirt via The Real Real (last seen heresimilar here) | Cole Haan Sandals (old, similar lace-up version here) | Eugenia Kim Hat via PS Dept.

Thanks again to my mom for snapping these pics while we were together a couple of weeks ago! I have one more post from Florida, so I'll share that later this week. xx

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

PS Dept. Review - the best shopping app ever

A few weeks ago, I heard about the most brilliant new app, called PS Dept., and I could hardly wait to try it out. PS Dept. is a shopping app that gives you access to personal shoppers at department stores and luxury retailers across the country, to help you find a specific item that you are looking for - sometimes even on sale. I think it's a genius idea, especially for someone like me who loves to shop, but can get hung up on an item that seems to sell out everywhere. One of which is the Eugenia Kim Brigitte hat (which just came back in stock - lucky you!)

I have baby fine hair which means that my scalp burns easily, so it's important for me to wear a hat during the summer, especially when I'm at the beach or by the pool. I've been admiring the Brigitte hat on Julia (of Gal Meets Glam) and Nicole (of Gary Pepper Girl) for a couple of months now, but it has been sold out everywhere. Not to mention that it is ridiculously expensive for a straw hat. I looked for and tried on some cheaper alternatives, but I loved everything about the original, and couldn't get it out of my head.

After obsessing over it for too long, I thought I'd test the PS Dept. skills and see if they could even find the hat for me. I downloaded the app on my iPhone and set up an account, all within a couple of minutes. I perused the main feed for awhile, looking at everything that the PS Dept. team posts - Chloe flats on sale, Chanel espadrilles in stock, recommendations for summer weddings, etc. - and then asked a personal shopper to find the Eugenia Kim Brigitte hat for me. I described the hat and attached a picture, and within a few hours, one of the personal shoppers had found it! I had a bunch of questions because I wanted to make sure that I could return it if I didn't like it, and that I could get it quickly before my Florida trip, and my personal shopper, Jessica L., was so helpful and quick to answer. The customer service is exactly what you would expect from a high end store, without any hassle. Typically, Eugenia Kim hats take a week or so to ship, but Jessica had one ready to ship out to me the following morning so I could get it before my trip. Awesome! After thinking about it for the rest of the day, I decided to be extravagant and buy myself the hat (surprise, surprise). The shopping services are complimentary, but I left a 5% tip, since I felt my personal shopper went above and beyond to help me. The hat arrived just in time, and I'm so in love.

Even though I live for the thrill of the hunt, I can't wait to use the PS Dept. app again! What would you use it for?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Florida Orange

Hello! How are you? I just got back from a week in Florida, where my brother got married to his long-term girlfriend. It was a beautiful wedding, and I'm so happy for the two of them! I also can't wait to share more pictures from the trip over the next week or so. My mom and I had a lot of fun taking pictures for the blog (Thanks, Mom!!). I'm still getting used to taking so many pictures in public - it makes me verrry self-conscious whenever anyone walks by or stops to stare - but it's fun to have things to post, so I need to get over it!

It feels great to be back in summer clothes! Life is much easier when you can just throw on a dress and walk out the door. Not to mention packing: bikinis & sun dresses take up significantly less room in a suitcase than sweaters and coats. Our air conditioner is currently out of commission at our house, so I'm really trying to think about all of the great things about summer in order to forget about how blazing HOT I am right now. Ah!! It's almost working.

Gap White Denim Jacket (very old, similar options here) | Ella Moss Dress (last season) | Clare Vivier Leopard Clutch | Prada Sunglasses | Michael Kors Watch | Jack Rogers Sandals (not pictured)

You may have already noticed from Instagram, but I got a little trim to my hair extensions so I could start wearing them straight. Hallelujah. Curling them was just taking up way too much time, and my natural hair has grown out significantly since I first started wearing extensions in January. Now that there isn't such a dramatic difference between my hair and the extensions, I can officially wear them straight without it looking obvious that this isn't my natural hair. I've already started writing some new posts about living with hair extensions (spoiler alert: I love them!), so watch out for those if you are interested.

I hope your week is off to a great start. I'll be back on Wednesday if I don't melt between now and then ;)!

Monday, May 11, 2015


I have a personality where I absolutely cannot sit still or do one thing at a time. I’m currently sitting on my bed, watching TV, writing this blog post, editing pictures, talking to my boyfriend, and thinking about work tomorrow. Ahh! But what I’ve learned so far this year, is that while you can do ANYTHING, you can’t do EVERYTHING. Prioritization is key, especially when it comes to your finite resources: time, money, energy, brain power, vacation days… ;)

I’ve been working on a big project at work for the past 10 months, and it’s finally going live in three weeks. This is the home stretch, and with SO MUCH to do between now and then, it takes up the majority of my brain space during the week. And then y’all know by now that I’ve been studying for the GMAT (goals #7&8 from this post). I’ve tried since January to do the GMAT class AND study every night AND spend the whole weekend working on the blog, but I ended up half in and half out of everything, and completely stressed out. So with a month to go until test day, I cut myself off from posting to see how much I could improve on the test, and it’s gone really well for my stress level and my score. Only two more weeks until I’ll hopefully be done with studying (!!) and then I’ll be back on the blog with all of my effort on June 1st. Honestly, I can’t wait.

I did want to go ahead and post these pictures from the weekend, because a life that only consists of work + studying would be the worst, so I do try and have a little fun too! My boyfriend and I spent a lot of time exploring Baltimore and attending the Maryland Film Festival, which was a lot of fun. My favorite from the weekend was a hilarious comedy short film called The Outfit. You should 100% go see it if it’s screening in your area.

Speaking of The Outfit, this one is all high street except for the accessories. I’ve had this white skirt forever – I bought it at Zara after sophomore year in college – and this leopard top is from Forever 21 about 6 years ago. You’ve seen this bag and these sunglasses a trillion times now (here, here, and here), but these sandals from Børn are worth noting because they are amazingly comfortable. I have three pairs of Børn shoes – wedges, sandals, and loafers – and they are by far the most comfortable shoes I own. I’ll probably buy another pair this summer because they are perfect for travel, especially when you plan on walking long distances.

Okay - I just spent the last 20 minutes looking at the new Børn shoes and while they can definitely go into orthopedic/ugly territory, I love these and these and these. I promise you won’t regret it – it’s like giving your feet a hug.

Forever 21 Leopard Top | Zara Skirt (similar here and here in gray) | Børn Sandals (love these too) | Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag | Prada Sunglasses (in black here)

I wish I could go on and on, but I've got to keep my head down for a just little while longer. I have a bunch of fun things to share when I’m back to it, so hopefully these few weeks away will be worth it long term.

Wish me luck! xx